Financial Aids in the form of Loan and Scholarship are available to our students.


There are ample study loans and scholarships which Malaysian students can apply.

Among them are

  • PTPK
  • MARA

International Students may apply for their loans in their respective government agencies and banks in order to facilitate them to study in Malaysia. Thus International Students are advised to seek more information and assistance from their local government on this matter. International Students have to understand that they must have sufficient funds to study in Malaysia. The loans cover the followings:

  • Tuition Fees to be paid in advance
  • Accommodation Fees
  • Living Expenses

It is expected that International Students will need approximately USD 800 – USD 1000 per month for their living and accommodation expenses.

There are a number of international organizations that may assist international students with their students abroad and international students are advised to check their credentials with their local government on these organizations.