Career Services is a one stop employer relations and career service center. Strategic programmes in collaboration with leading employers and industry players are designed in the interest of graduate talent development. There are a number of key initiatives under this programme including employer projects, structured internship, industry advisory boards, graduate recruitment, career week, career conversations, career coaching & mentorship. For employers it will enable direct posting of job vacancies, internship positions and events to selected group of candidates, provide easy access to students resume.


Service support center is a unit developed to support students pertaining issues of internship and career path preparation. Services like career counselling, career advisory, resume review, interview preparation and career interest profiling are provided.


Once students have completed their coursework and required credit hours, it is time for them to transform classroom knowledge in to practical and apply their knowledge through structured internship program. Internship is a 3 months to 6 months program which will help to expose students to the industry and immerse themselves in career options, gain insights into working world which will encourage them to explore their personal and professional strengths.