Certificate In Food Preparation & Production

(HT-012-2:2012 / HT-012-3:2012) (JPK PB:L01965)


The concept of culinary arts training has evolved with technological advances in all aspects of kitchen production and culinary skills and this program is designed to incorporate current industry practices in fundamental operational aspects, supervisory skills or middle management duties and tasks that are an everyday concern to industry personnel.

During the tenure of each module, candidates will be subjected to intensive hands on training within the kitchen sections concerned to provide a comprehensive approach to food preparation techniques. This methodology will better equip them with real world industry standards and the maturity to provide effective work performance, quality and the ability to adapt in the ever changing technological and operational factors typical to the hospitality and food service industry.

By completing this programme, the students will be able to:

  • Realize the full potential of specific skills in each section of Food Production and Culinary Arts enabling them to explore every avenue of preparation that is current to industry on an international level.
Course Modules

The following subjects are indicative of what you will study on this course. For more details on course structure and modules and how the subjects will be taught and assessed, please contact KAGC course counsellors.

Level 2

  • Hygiene, Kitchen safety and Food Handling
  • Cooking Techniques
  • Stock, Soups and Hot Sauce Production
  • Main Course Production
  • Rice and Farinaceous Production
  • Appetizer Production
  • Breakfast Production
  • Dessert Production
  • Catering Set Up Activities
  • Basic Kitchen Equipment Maintenance
  • Basic Stewarding
  • Basic Butchery

Level 3

  • Hygiene, Safety and Food Handling
  • Food Production Quantity and Quality
  • Catering Activities Coordination
  • Supervisory Administrative Function
  • Basic Cost Control
Course Duration
  • MSC Level 2 – Duration: 9 months (3 months internship, inclusive)
  • MSC Level 3 – Duration: 12 Months (6 months internship, inclusive)
Entry Requirements

To qualify for the Malaysian Skills Certification programme in recognised training institutes, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Able to speak and write in Malay or English
  • Possess a lower level of MSC to apply for a higher level MSC in the same field / area
  • Certificate in Food Preparation & Production level 2 & 3
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