Film Submission Guidelines

Festival Date : October 23-29th 2017, MAP Publika.
Submission Deadline : June 30th 2017
Official Portal : kleff.my

The 10th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) promotes education in and advocacy for sustainable development and thematic environmental issues and ecology through films, audiovisual and multimedia works from all countries, in all genres, and for all audiences.


Clause 1: Thematic

The festival’s themes are the environment, ecology and sustainable development in a comprehensive sense. Our mission, to celebrate the power of film to inspire, educate, and motivate audiences on environmental topics, is an excellent starting point in considering if your film is relevant for KLEFF. Films most likely to be selected will fit with our mission. The festival accepts films that question the global place and impact of Man in and on his environment: biodiversity, environmental and human stakes, climate change, natural resources, science and research, evolution of borders, alternative energies, indigenous communities and issues, environmental health, urbanism, mobility, environmental activism, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and so forth.

Films should cover environmental topics, but can certainly overlap with social, economic, spiritual, or other themes. We do not limit the films chosen to ones that, to us, have the right answers. It is more important that the films are thought-provoking. This is an open forum designed to inspire awareness and action on a myriad of worldwide environmental topics. The quality of the film production will also be considered and weighed. All genres, including documentaries, narratives, shorts, children’s films, and experimental films are all welcome and will be given equal consideration.

Clause 2: Competitions

At present, the festival’s official competition involves five (5) sections:

  • Full-length documentaries and feature films
  • TV and short documentaries (film run-time under 50 minutes)
  • Short films (film run-time under 50 minutes)
  • Animations (film run-time under 50 minutes)
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs) (film run-time under 20 minutes)

Clause 3: Awards

The jury for all film submissions to the 10th KLEFF competition consist of personalities from the worlds of environment, media, movies, and audiovisual, as well as entrepreneurs or artists engaged in and/or sensitive to environmental issues. The jury attributes the following awards to films submitted as part of the official competition:

  • Best Feature Film/Full length Documentary (Overall): RM1500.00 (inclusive of a plaque, certificate and hamper)
  • Best Short Documentary/TV Documentary: RM1000.00 (inclusive of a plaque, certificate and hamper)
  • Best Short Film: RM500.00 (inclusive of a plaque, certificate and hamper)
  • Best Animation: RM500.00 (inclusive of a plaque, certificate and hamper)
  • Best PSA: RM500.00 (inclusive of a plaque, certificate and hamper)
  • Special Jury Award: RM500.00 (inclusive of a plaque, certificate and hamper)
  • Young Film maker: RM500.00 (inclusive of a plaque, certificate and hamper)

The endowments that come with the awards are given to the director(s) or any individual he/she/they have appointed. For all these awards, in the event of a co-direction, the related endowment shall be divided among the directors. Each share will be paid to each co-director. In case of draw, endowment shall be split between the winning films.

The jury is free to award distinctions or merits to any other films or film makers where deem fit.

The people in charge of the films and works presented in the official competition solemnly pledge, should they receive an award, to ensure a clear visibility of the festival (logo, name…) on all their communication media.

NB: The festival might grant one or several additional award(s) that have not yet been defined, in relation with one (or several) external partner(s) that shall fund the total endowment linked with this/these award(s).

Clause 4: Registrations

The following are allowed to participate in the festival: animation, public service announcements (PSAs), short, medium-length and full-length films, delivered in one of the following projection formats:

  • DVD
  • Blu-Ray
  • MOV
  • MP4

Registration for the films must be received by the organizers of the festival before August 15th, 2017. If the entry file is incomplete, the festival reserves the right to refuse the registration of the film. For the films that have been accepted, all relevant promotional and media materials (trailer, poster, movie stills, etc) must be submitted to the organizers before July 31st 2017. If the materials are incomplete, the Festival Secretariat reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of the film to the film competition.

The registration of the films to the 10th KLEFF can only be done via FilmFreeway.

There are three competition deadlines, each with their own related fees. Full details are listed below.

Categories Origin Early bird
15th Dec 2016 –
31st Mar 2017
1st April 2017 –
31st May 2017
1st June 2017 –
30th June 2017
12:00 am –
11:59 pm (*)
12:00 am –
11:59 pm (*)
12:00 am –
11:59 pm (*)
  • Feature Films
  • Full-length Documentaries
International USD $25 USD $30 USD $35
International (Student) USD $10 USD $15 USD $20
Malaysia RM 50 RM 80 RM 100
Malaysia (Student) RM 10 RM 20 RM 30
  • Short Documentaries
International USD $15 USD $20 USD $25
International (Student) USD $10 USD $15 USD $20
Malaysia  RM 20  RM 30  RM 40
Malaysia (Student)  RM 10  RM 20  RM 30
  • Short Films
  • Animations
  • PSAs
International USD $10 USD $15 USD $20
International (Student) USD $5 USD $10 USD $15
Malaysia RM 20 RM 30 RM 40
Malaysia (Student) RM 10 RM 20 RM 30
* Date & time will follow server time, indicated on top of submission form.
* For student fee, please send a copy of your student id / letter from your institution to info@kleff.my. Failure to do so, could result in your film not selected for competition.

These deadlines reflect the date by which you must send your submission. However, please send your submission as soon as possible.

All entries must be accompanied by a link to the trailer, online-version of the film (full version) and poster for the film (jpg) for the jury committee to review. If somehow the trailer/online version is not available, you will need to mail or courier the trailer to the Festival Secretariat.

All cost related to the shipping and handling of any materials to the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest Secretariat must be absorbed by the entrants themselves.

The festival will not be responsible for any loss, damage, and/or delay of films in transit.

In order to facilitate customs procedures, the entry package should be labelled “Only for cultural purpose, no commercial value.”

Students are eligible for a special submission fee and entries must be accompanied by a legitimate student ID or official letter from the learning institution. For students who are submitting their films via the FestHome or FilmFreeway service, please submit a copy of your student identification card or official letter from your institution to [insert email and name here]

Clause 5: Sending of the copies and communication items for the selected movies/films

The beneficiaries of the selected movies, who will be directly informed by the festival’s management, will be called upon to provide the following additional items, as soon as their selection is notified to them and before 31st July 2017:

  • A synopsis of maximum 750 characters for the full-length and medium-length films and maximum 350 characters for short films, in English – the festival reserves the right to modify or shorten the received synopsis because of constraints related to communication tools
  • A picture and a filmography of the director
  • Movie stills/pictures from the film (jpeg 300 dpi) as well as the press pack and clippings, by email or any other digital media.
  • Where appropriate, awards earned by the film, as well as the countries where and dates when the film was broadcasted
  • The precise contact details for the film’s producer, salesperson and/or distributor
  • An extract or trailer, ideally in an English-subtitled version and video file compatible with DVD, Blu-Ray, MP4, or MOV. The video must be treated in a minimum definition of 640×480 pixels, with a bit rate of 1.2 mbps
  • The festival will keep a second DVD copy of the film

The screening copies of the selected films and programs must reach the festival’s management no later than August 15th, 2017. The festival will only accept copies in a perfect state. Failure to ensure that the copies are adequate will result in a forfeit of the film acceptance.

The registration of the films to the 10th KLEFF can only be done via FilmFreeway.

There are three competition deadlines, each with their own related fees. Full details are listed below.

Clause 6: Transportation, customs and insurance

For all the films sent to the festival for selection, the copies’ transportation and insurance expenses to and from the festival shall be borne by the participant (directors, producers or distributors).

Clause 7: Rights

  • The selected films, by the esteemed jury committee [link to who they are] shall be exempted of rental rights in the festival’s main screening location(s)
  • The festival reserves the right to allow its partners’ TV channels and Internet sites to broadcast extracts of the film not exceeding three minutes. It also reserves the right to broadcast excerpts on its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/KualaLumpurEcoFilmFestival) and on its own Internet site (www.kleff.my)
  • The beneficiary assures the festival’s management he/she is the unrestrained and sole owner of all rights necessary (copyright, image rights, and all intellectual property rights), received from qualified persons, for the utilization, screening or promotion of the film, in its entirety or by extracts, during the festival
  • The beneficiary allows the festival’s management to translate the dialogues and commentaries for their broadcasting during the festival, and guarantees against any proceedings in this regard
  • The beneficiary allows the festival to reproduce the provided texts, pictures, biographies and filmographies in the communication material of the festival (catalogue, program, flyers, and media interviews)
  • For promotion and archiving purposes, the festival will keep one DVD copy of the film. Its usage is reserved solely to consultation within the premises of the festival’s management
  • In accordance with the awarded and broadcasted films’ beneficiaries, some of the films may be screened again in the theatres and other venues in Malaysia for educational and awareness purposes solely and not for commercial reasons, according to conditions that shall be defined with the festival’s management
  • Upon selection of your film(s) to the Festival, the filmmaker agrees to waive any/all screening fees during the Festival period

Clause 8: Submission Deadline for Entries

All online entries must reach the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest Secretariat c/0 EcoKnights in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA by June 30th, 2017.

June 30th 2017 Submission deadline.
July 1st -20th, 2017 Judging Session by the panel jury to determine the Top Three/Five nominees for each category.
The nominees will be notified via email.
1st – 31st August 2017 Travel arrangements for the nominees.

These deadlines reflect the date by which you must send your submission. However, please send your submission as soon as possible.

Clause 9: Format for Final Submission

Video: Blu-Ray Video, DVD Video, MP4, MOV

Method of delivery: Mail courier or Online transfer.

Clause 10: Submission Deadline for Final Print of Selected Entries

The professional video format for screening (Blu-Ray Video, DVD Video, MP4 HD, or MOV HD only) should reach EcoKnights and/or the KLEFF Secretariat by August 15th, 2017. We PREFER you to NOT send a DVD directly to the festival as a way to reduce the carbon footprint of the beneficiary HOWEVER in the case of poor internet connection, this is allowed. For participants that are able to upload your film online, kindly submit the online link for the jury committee to download the link.

DVDs and relevant materials can be submitted to:

The 10th International KLEFF c/o EcoKnights,

41, Lorong Burhanuddin Helmi 11,

Taman Tun Dr Ismail,

60000 Kuala Lumpur,


Clause 11: Promotional Material

The festival may use up to 10 percent of the entry’s running time for promotional purposes.

Clause 12: Jury & Awards

The 2017 Panel of Jury Committee and Judges can be viewed here.

Prizes & Awards can be viewed here.

Clause 13: Returning of Entries

Submitting films to the 10th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest 2017 indicates that the entry copies will be part of the KLEFF Archive maintained by EcoKnights. These copies will be maintained as a record and for reference. The films kept in the Archive will not be distributed or screened commercially.

In case of any controversy on a matter not mentioned in the above regulations, the Festival Director, in consultation with the Festival Organizing Committee, will decide on appropriate action. The Director’s word shall be final.

The KLEFF management team reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, extend, shorten, suspend, or cancel these Clauses, at any time, without notice nor obligation to justify its decision, and without being held liable in any way. No compensation may be claimed by the Participants. Participants shall be deemed to have accepted such amendment due to the simple fact that he/she participates in the competition. Should a Participant refuse the new amendment(s), he/she shall no longer participate in the competition.

For more information please email info@kleff.my