KAGC College Heading the International Platform for Dissemination of Green Innovation

KAGC College Heading the International Platform for Dissemination of Green Innovation

The 3rd Technology and Innovation International Conference (TECHON) 2017 was auspiciously conducted over the last three days from May 20-22 at Aston Tropicana Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia.

Together with the continuous efforts led by KAGC College in collaboration with other national and international academic institutions such as Politeknik Mukah, Sarawak (PMU), Politeknik Kuching, Sarawak (PKS), Politeknik Metro Betong, Sarawak (PMBS), Universiti Teknologi Mara Sarawak Mukah Campus (UiTM), University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS), Curtin University Sarawak Campus, Politeknik LP3I Bandung, Indonesia, Politeknik Negeri Pontianak (POLNEP) Indonesia and Politeknik Negeri Sambas (POLTESA), TECHON 2017 managed to secure more than 70 local as well as global presenters originated from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand – truly an international scale whereby everyone actively involved and working together in making this high impact conference a successful event.

With the theme “Managing Transformation in Globalization of Technology and Innovation,” which focuses on the management of green technological advances on enhancing the positive value added lifestyle, TECHON 2017 indeed will encourage the discovery of new sustainable ideas that are creative and innovative in order to be well adapted for our community and regional economy.

TECHON 2017 was officially launched by distinguished guests namely Mdm Lily Ong, CEO of KAGC College, Lt. Kol. Bersekutu (PA) Abdubrani Bin Yunus, Director of Politeknik Mukah Sarawak and Dr. Ir. Adriza M. Si, Director of Politeknik LP3I Bandung, Indonesia followed by the keynote presentation entitled “International Technology and Innovation Development – Current Trends” by Dr. Abdul Rahim Ahmad, Director of Research and Innovation Centre, Department of Polytechnic Education, Malaysia in Jasmine Ballroom, Aston Tropicana Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia.

The TECHON 2017 conference provides a suitable platform and opportunities for students, researchers and professionals from both academia and industries to share their innovative ideas and experiences in the inter-disciplinary fields of green and sustainable engineering, technology, education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, TECHON 2017 is believed to be the positive spark that able to springboard the realization of the mega transformation in green science, technology and innovation in all participating countries.

Inevitably, green technology and innovation are essential to the ASEAN region because it can generate wealth as well as allowing all nations to compete and prosper in tandem with other developed countries. Indeed, green technology and innovation are the primary key drivers for economic growth in terms of the improvement for renewal processes, technology advancement and promote business productivity.

Besides, to drive green technology and innovation through research and development, cooperation involving the four main parties such as governments, industries, educational institutions and research agencies is highly encouraged. Therefore, TECHON 2017 presenters and conference participants include all walks of life – students, academicians and working professionals from various polytechnics, universities and research institutions across other countries. As a result, TECHON 2017 conference will continue the efforts to encourage all groups of intellectual networks to share and analyze any social-ecological issues and ideas that focus on the sustainable technological transformation which plays a crucial part in almost all aspects of our lives.

Over the years, there are many challenges shouldered by school teachers, lecturers and educators to nurture the culture of green technology and innovation among younger generations. With the presence of TECHON 2017 conference, passionate educators are creating and able to give ample growing space and learning experience to their students to establish a more creative and eco-productive work culture, thus creating a green future generation that is more vibrant and innovative.

The highlights of TECHON 2017 conference include of the individual presentation sessions where all presenters were divided into three different breakout categories (rooms) while each presenter is allocated with 10-minute oral presentation slot followed by a 5-minute questions and answers (Q&A) session conducted by Chairperson, Moderator and other member of the guests. All presenters showcased their research results and findings through the individual presentation sessions about green technology and innovation which are beneficial to both the local and scientific communities. At the end of each overall thematic sessions, one Best Presenter will be selected among all of the competitive pool of presenters based on stringent scientific and quality presentation assessment tools. Among the six honourable prizes, Mr Chuck Chuan NG, Senior Lecturer cum the Head for School of Green Sciences and Engineering, KAGC College won the Best Presenter award for one of the sessions with his research project entitled “Enhanced Heavy Metal Phyto-Assessment of Vetiver Grass with Low Cost Soil Amendments”.

Lastly, the TECHON 2017 conference was a fruitful event as it provides sufficient space for all presenters to exchange experiences and gain innovative ideas which play a major roles in cultivating green technology innovation interests and commitment in order to support the Agenda 2030: Global Sustainable Development Goals number 9 for empowering the development of sustainable innovation in our society.